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Welcome to, the professional website of the James M. Branum.

I wear several metaphorical hats, including:

Attorney - I primarily work in the area of military law but also provide assistance to people previously convicted of felonies who wish to become (or stay) licensed as a ham radio operators. I also do a fair bit of legal writing and conduct some trainings on military law topics.

Editor - I am the part-time editor of Humanistic Judaism magazine.

Writer - I frequently write content for a variety of publications including Humanistic Judaism, and On Watch (the journal of the Military Law Task Force of the NLG), but also self-publish much of my writing on several of my websites, including,, and (by personal blog, published in various forms since 1995). A full listing of my past published works can be found here.

Interfaith Minister - I am credentialed as an interfaith minister by the Oklahoma Objector Community (a religious humanist community with a special focus on peace and social justice concerns). I have also been credentialed as a Darshan (Jewish Teacher) by the Darshan Yeshiva and currently serve as one of the service leaders of the Spinoza Havurah (a Humanistic Jewish community).

Peace and Social Justice Activist - My current active work is primarily through the Courage to Resist collective, MLTF, and Oklahoma Objector Community, but in the past I've also been involved with:

Lifelong Student - I do not believe that education is something for only the young, so I am proud to have been engaged in academic pursuits throughout my adult life. A listing of my past and current educational activities can be found here.